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Class Pictures Through the Years 1

Historical Background

 The history of Navotas National High School dates back to 1983, when Mayor Victor Javier conceived of founding a school whose aim was to provide free but quality education to children of Navotas. Formerly known as Navotas Municipal High School, the school found its place into a 2,255 square meter land area near the police headquarters, where the National Manpower Education Building was located. Through the quiet and relentless efforts of the mayor and the community, classes were opened on June 1983 with only 180 students and seven (7) faculty members headed by its first principal, Dr. Cecilia M. Saenz.

Two years after its opening, there was an overwhelming increase in student population. Mayor Javier extended all the possible assistance to look after the welfare of the students. He ordered the construction of four rooms at the sports complex to temporarily house the additional eight sections. Faculty members were likewise, increased to twenty two (22).

However, with the turn of events in the political system, Mayor Felipe C. Del Rosario, Jr. took Mayor Javier’s post. The new OIC painstakingly continued all the objectives and hard work left by the former mayor. A new four-room building was put-up. In 1987, the school produced its first batch of graduates.

The implementation of Free Secondary Education in 1990 signaled the tremendous overflow of students to the school. The school’s population increased to 4,460. To help ease the problem of lack of classrooms, Engr. & Mrs. Pascual Roque donated another four-room building. In addition to this an eight-room elementary school building was turned over to NNHS to cope with the increasing number of students. 

Because of the government’s thrust in democratizing access to education, the local government put-up a ten-room building at Tangos (Tangos Annex). To cope with the growing number of students, the school, with the support of LGU, NGO, and other organizations, the creation of several annexes in Navotas namely NNHS Tulay Annex, NNHS San Roque Annex, NNHS Kaunlaran Annex, NNHS San Rafael Annex, and NNHS Tanza Annex saw fruition. All of these annexes eventually became independent national high schools under the leadership of the respective principals.

When Dr. Saenz was promoted to principal IV, she was transferred to Malabon National High School and Mrs. Lucila Guzman took over her post. She retired from the service in 2000, Dr. Rosa G. Centeno was assigned as the new principal. She spearheaded the special science curriculum in S.Y. 2004-2005. It was during this time when Dr. Saenz was assigned back to NNHS as principal while Dr. Centeno was transferred to Malabon National High School.

The retirement of Dr. Saenz in November 24, 2008 paved the way for the designation of Dr. Maria Cristina A. Robles as the new school principal of Navotas National High School.

Vision, Mission, Pledge and Core Values


The Navotas National High School aims to provide quality education to the youth who are proven to pursue empowerment of self and others through the useful application of knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal and social values from teachers and officials who are imbibed with the strong conviction to be of genuine service to family, community and the nation for the perpetuation of God’s infinite love to humankind.
                                                    SCHOOL MISSION

The Navotas National High School aims to develop a new breed of individuals
who are
morally upright
adaptive and responsive to changing environment

who can
contribute to the upliftment of the plight of the country and its people and  find pride in principled accomplishment

and ready to become God’s instruments to sow peace, love and happiness among all


P --- romote upliftment of life through quality education
L --- ead a life of equality and honor tempered with discipline
E --- nsure quality of education through dedicated teaching
          and learning
D --- evelop love of God, humanity, country, and self
G --- uide all students to share talent, time and resources
E --- xemplify time honored values and principles
S --- erve will all sincerity and devotion


                    S ----------------------- elf worth
                    E ----------------------- ssence of teamwork
                    R ----------------------- eflective leadership
                    V ----------------------- itality
                     I ----------------------- ntegrity
                    C ----------------------- haracter & Conduct
                    E ----------------------- xcellence